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Ind-Swift Team

Turning challenges into inspiration

I was hired by Ind-Swift in start of Year 2017, after some time of joining, my role escalation took place and I was placed on an entirely new role as compared my all previous assignments.
While I was doubtful about my fitment in this change, but the organization laid its core trust in my competencies and provided me all relevant trainings to acquire new skills. I was provided with appropriate incubation period and support of my colleagues and functional head was tremendous in this transition.
I feel extremely confident about my career enrichment with Ind-Swift. It is one of the rare organization that cares for its people.
Anupam Sharma

Solutions and Success

I have ten years of professional experience, however it’s just a figure for me. I believe to achieve experience from each and every moment of life. My experience is actually a golden assets of my mentors who believe in me and share their knowledge to mould me at my personal and professional front. I believe in myself to be lucky and proud that I got such mentors whose teachings always help me to stand tough against any target to success. I have relation of almost 10 years with Ind-Swift Group. Ind swift is first ever company I got interviewed in my carrier as a fresher in 2008. It’s a good company with steady and constant growth, always want to be part of it when I heard its success stories.
Human Resource Department is one of the best pillar of this company. HR Personnel utilize resources of the company at best as I believe because of personal interactions, coordination and cooperation with each and every employee of organization. Everyone can easily approach HR as they are friendly in nature and sort out problems persist in day to day work professionally.
Management is highly supportive and cooperative. Specially Dr. Lalit Wadhwa and Mr. Saranjai Tyagi who always extend their support to perform my duties well. This extension of cooperation to employees by management which I believe to be found in faith and trust of employees over company. And this trust of employees is pacemaker of company’s strong growth.
Vivek Kulshreshtha

澳门十大正规网站登录- Where work meets life and fun

Culture and cultural heritage can give us a sense of belonging and provide us with insight on where we come from. It can also provide a way of life. For the first time in my career span, I came across an organization which takes utmost care in keeping it’s staff jovial and motivated. Never have I seen any organisation organising “Nukkad Nataks” and having my obvious inclination towards stand up comedy and drama (if you know me personally), when I came across one in 澳门十大正规网站登录, I couldn’t resist myself from participating. And since then, I am an active participant of such events; be it Nukkad Nataks, singing, stand up comedy. It’s like I never left college. It came along with me.
US FDA; the name itself rings hundreds and thousands of alarms in every employee ears and with it, comes additional job responsibilities and thus, OVERTIME. And with US FDA audit a month away, 澳门十大正规网站登录 organizing Lohri function is simply unexpected and sheer BLISS! I like the tradition of ordinary men in extraordinary circumstances and how they react to events which force them to be heroic in a way that is not in their nature. I participated and sang the motivational song “AASHAYEIN”. I was ecstatic with the appreciation by the COO of my company, Dr. Lalit Wadhwa. That day remained with me and always will. And the best part, we cleared the FDA audit with flying colours. Isn’t that amazing?
When I look back at all these times, I feel so proud on my decision of joining 澳门十大正规网站登录 for 澳门十大正规网站登录 gave me truckloads of memories to cherish and an opportunity to stretch my horizons. THANK YOU 澳门十大正规网站登录.
Arvind Tomar

Small Achievements to Grand Success

I stepped out from Home, first time after completion of my 12th standard and started gaining Technical knowledge from Diploma Engineering. I scored 1st rank in Rajasthan and got beautiful opportunity to complete my B.Tech. from MNIT, Jaipur.
My first career opportunity was through campus selection and I have started my new professional journey from a company in Moradbad in 2004. Today I have completed almost 14 years in career and gained lots of great experiences of success in my life. By facing both up and downs in past experiences, today I am with 澳门十大正规网站登录 Family as Manager Engineering, and completed almost 3.5 years in 澳门十大正规网站登录.
Although I have done various Projects and faced various challenges in my previous assignments, but the experience gained in 澳门十大正规网站登录, is really build my confidence level at some upper level.
I have completed two new plants projects successfully and also was the part of lots of modification projects in different plants. The challenge in my job is that, I have to full fill the requirements of both Projects and Maintenance in parallel. No doubt, without the support of Management, My Seniors, My Colleagues and My Subordinates, it is not possible for me to compete all type of Exams.
Day by day, we are thinking in positive directions, so as to get BIG RESULT, by getting LITTLE SUCCESS every day. Finally I want to say thanks to My Parents and to My Management, for their great support for facing challenges and for their great faith on me.
Ranjan Singh

From Innovation to Implementation

I hail from historic city BATALA and I am associated with 澳门十大正规网站登录 since from 2017. Before Indswift I have worked for three organizations, but I feel Ind-Swift is great work place to grow and develop both professionally and personally.
They maintain a healthy culture that demonstrate high ethics and values as well as make the employee feel appreciated, supported and proud of their work.
Being a safety professional I had the opportunity to put forth my idea and methods for managing and enhancing the safety management system Indswift not only cares about their employee but also care people in vicinity through corporate social activities. Even I am far away from home, but I always fell at home while working in Indswift and I am truly enjoying my workplace.
Sunil Chandel

Building a sustainable and balanced Future

I am associated with Ind-Swift Group for more than 10 years now. By virtue of my role, I have had the opportunity to implement some important social programs of the organization and I am witness of changes this organization has brought in lives of people who come from deprived sections of society.
Ind-Swift as an organization is a strong advocate of sustainable and balanced growth and therefore its various “CSR” programs focus on improving living standards of people in surrounding villages.
I have seen people smiling and moving towards a better life through our programs and it makes me feel worthy of my existence in world.
Surinder Sharma

Where Change is Good and Collaborative

In my career progression of last 4 years with 澳门十大正规网站登录, I have found Ind-Swift to be an open and transparent organization that remains always ready to adopt changes.
My role of OD interventions requires me to stir conventional procedures/processes of organization and redesign the same into modern and automized modes. Without the support of organizational members, these changes are not possible to implement, but I have found that everyone in the organization is not just open for changes but they also walk an extra mile to implement the changes in best possible versions.
This makes me confident to state that organization will continue to persist its growth journey always and it’s a great place to work for any one who believes in “Collaborative Change”.
Akash Deep Sharma
Ind-Swift Laboratories Ltd.