Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Commitment and Public Service is at the upmost priority list of the Company . Over the years serious efforts have been directed towards making a meaningful contribution to uplifting and transforming the lives of the community and the underprivileged. The Company is also extremely conscious of its duty and responsibility towards the environment. We continue to make sincere efforts to promote good health, social development and better environment, through various Company programs that contribute to sustainable, all round growth.

Community Services

  • Construction of Bus Stop / Rain Shelter at Village Bhagwas. 
  • Sponsored Medical Check Up Camps in near by village – Sangoul, Haripur, Kuranwala & Behra. 
  • Sponsor Education Awareness Camp in Near by Village – Rampur Saini, Bhagwash & Behra. 
  • Scholarship for meritorious Science students in near by villages – Rampur Saini, Sangouli, Haripur, Kuranwala & Behra etc. 
  • Development of landscaped parks in near by villages – Rampur Saini, Sangouli, Haripur. 
  • Construction of “Religious Place” in near by Village – Kuranwala & Behra. 
  • Construction of part of School Building at Village Berha. 
  • Aid to local “Mahila Mandal Sewing Center” – Bhagwash.
  • Contribute for “Religious Festival” in near by villages – Rampur Saini, Sangouli, Haripur, Kuranwala & Behra etc.

Promotion of Sports among the Youth

  • Sports kits given to rural youth clubs in the area. 
  • Development of Volley Ball Ground in Village Rampur Saini. 
  • Sponsored Inter Village Cricket Tournament for Rural Youth at village Bhagwas.
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